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Why we do what we do

We love everything about miniatures, wargaming, RPG, painting and building scenery.

We once were just another typical group of players who would all buy exactly the same armies from exactly the same huge corporative companies and plays with the same miniatures as every other player in every other tournament or friendly game. Until we stopped. We owe nothing to nobody and we have the freedom to play the rules we want with the miniatures we love, so we started making partnerships with sculptors all over the world and investing in quality 3D Printing for very affordable prices.

Our mission is to find and support as many talented sculptors as we can, from all over the world, to bring you quality and variety to match exactly what you seek. This way without effort you may have access to a valuable list of sculptors whom we pay for their work and licence to legally print&sell (FIGHT PIRACY – SUPPORT THE ARTISTS!).

With ScaleMinis, you can focused on what you like the most and don’t need to buy a huge expensive professional-level 3D Printer to spend days/months doing trial and error, finetuning the calibration of the printer and the resins, learning and spending time in 3D software to fix models and put supports, nor do you need to make a mess at home with smelly dirty dangerous quimicals. We will take care of that nasty part and leave you with free time to do what you like the most – collecting, assembling, painting and playing with your miniatures. If you don’t like all of this, we cannot play for you but we can at least prepare, assemble and prime your miniatures and, if you wish, also paint them.

We commit to keep financing and guiding the sculptors and to bring you diversity and quality, but we (and specially the sculptors) need your help. Everytime you share our page with a friend or you post online a picture of a miniature you painted and hashtag it #ScaleMinis, you are bringing more people to our community, wich will enable us to finance more sculptors this bringing YOU more and better new miniatures every month.

We count on you, and you know you may count on us.

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Super safely packaged for such small minis! great print quality too
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