High Lands Miniatures

Highland Miniatures is a worldwild renown group of sculptors specialized in creating fantasy armies inspired both in the
fantasy world and in real military history. If you like this miniatures but don’t know any good massive battle wargaming
rules, consider buying the official rules of games like Oathmark, Kings of War, Warhammer Fantasy Battles, Warhammer
age of sigmar, God of Battles, Legions of Battle, the 9th Age, Runewars. Saga Age of Magic, BattleLore, Heroscape,
GuildBall, and even historical games like Saga, Impetus, etc. You may also use this miniatures for skirmish or RPG
games like D&D, Rangers of Shadows Deep, FrostGrave, Pathfinder and many others.

Please notice that this are not official miniatures from any of the brands or game rules listed above and that not all brands
recognise you the freedom to play with your favourite miniatures at their official trounments. In this world full of piracy,
it’s our role as players to support the artists buying from official sellers. Feel free to confirm that we are legally allowed to
sell HighLands 3D Printed miniatures in www.scaleminis.com\Rights