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Frequently Asked Question!

The shipping price depends solely on you. If you’re the kind of person that prefer to use your money buying miniatures instead of paying for shipment, know all orders over 50€ have free shipping – we’ll support all costs. If you need to buy just 1 or 2 miniatures, shipment is automatically calculated on chechout.

Usually we need 2-3 days to print the miniatures, remove the by-products of the printing process, submit to quality control and pack them. Sometimes we might already have the printed miniature in stock, which will make the process faster. Special orders like unusual scales or orders that require us to modify miniatures or change the supports may take longer. The shipment company may take 3-20 days, depending on the country you live on. If you are in an hurry for some special occasion please contact us.

We inspect every miniature in our quality control routines, but since they are so much, so many and we ally high-technologies with a lot of artisan manual work, from time to time a mutant soldier manages to escape our police and enters an order box without us noticing. If you happened to receive a miniature you did not order or that presents some kind of defect, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can replace it with a good one.

If the miniature is ok but still there’s something you’d like to see improved, please get in touch. We want to better understand what you value and seek for your miniatures collection.

Painting miniatures is a very fulfilling and fun hobby. Share it with the world! Nothing makes us more happy than seeing customers sharing their painted miniatures in our facebook group or in Instagram. You will receive a lot of positive feedback, you will inspire and get inspired by paintors all over the world and you can teach and learn from paintors all over the world. So please feel free to share this amazing hobby with as much people as you want. If you want to help us grow so that we can bring you more and better miniatures, it’s as simple as mark every picture with #ScaleMinis and if possible also with the name of the miniature so that paintors in search for inspiration may quicly find it.

It’s good if you let your miniatures “breath” out of their bags for some days but avoid letting them receive sunlight before priming them, since excessive exposure to UV light might make some resins become brittle/fragile.

If you bought transparent or translucid resin miniatures or parts, please don’t expose them to sunlight before applying a clear coating or gloss varnish.

We sell both casted and 3D-printed miniatures. In casted miniatures you should remove the mould lines for a better result. In 3D-printed miniatures you should remove the “dots” and “spikes” from the 3D-printing supports. Some are hard to see before priming, so try to use good light when doing this. All miniatures should be washed before primed.

Due to the production process, casted miniatures may be slightly greasy. Even if not noticeable, please consider offering them a nice smooth immersion bath with warm water and a drop of Simple Green or with dish soap. If you seek a perfect treatment, you may massage them using a very soft toothbrush; they’ll love it. This should be fallower by a quick shower of warm running water. Affectionately wipe them and let them enjoy a good vacation until they’re completely dry.

If your miniatures were 3DPrinted, you may fallow the previous steps, although washing them with isopropyl alcohol is way more efficient and has no risk of leaving stains in the resin.

Do not prime your miniature until completely dry.

Before priming, make sure your miniatures are nor sticky/greasy, are clean and completely dry.

To prime, use only spray-on or airbrush destined quality acrylic primer proper to miniatures painting. Using cheaper other-uses sprays will decrease the details of your miniatures and may reduce the adhesion of the paint to the model.

Don’t try to cover your miniature all at once with your primer. The first coat should be nearly invisible. Wait 5-10 minutes for the primer to dry and repeat the process 2-3 times until the miniature is properly covered.

Your spray can should be about 20cm away from your miniatures so that they only get a fine mist of spray, not a “bath”. You spend more spray but you get much better results in your miniatures.

If you have no place to properly prime your miniatures or simply don’t have the time, next time consider ordering already primed miniatures. We use the best primers in the market and will provide you clean, assembled and primed miniatures with Zenital Highlight that makes the painting process much easier.