Monty Python – Sir Arthur and Patsy

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One… two… five! He’s here!!! Can you hear the coconuts?

Possibly the most requested, the most demanded miniatures… we proudly present to you these movie-based miniatures – Sir Arthir and loyal Patsy ⚔️ 👑 inspired by the amazing Monty Phyton movies . We hope you like it as much as we do.

The greatest peasant of all times it’s here …PATSY!

We love the movie, we have so much fun watching it and it is so inspirational. We wanted to rescue this character because the peasants were the real warriors of the medieval world, the ones that worked, the ones that keep the world turning 😉

Put a Patsy in your life!

Includes 2 bases and 2 figures in parts that need to be glued together

You may choose from round bases or swared bases; if no comments provided, the regiment will be provided with squared bases.



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