Sunland Imperial Troops (x10)

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The core unit of the Sunland Imperial District, one faction of the Empire of Sun. This basic unit is composed of Sunland Imperial Soldiers with command group, alternative heads, weapons (polearm, spear and sword) and shields.

“In times of peace, the halberdiers of the First Battalion of Lunnenburg, are dedicated to maintaining order and discipline between the different cities and towns that shine under the highest goodness of the Sun Emperor.
Each pair of halberdiers has been allocated between the routes that connect every part of the Empire of Sun with the capital and has the responsibility of extending the law further beyond villages and thorps. Sight a pair of halberdiers in the way is the guarantee that the travel is safe for merchants and citizens of the Empire of Sun. Admired by the people, they have a well-deserved reputation, being an honour belonging to the order of the Path’s Guardians.
Unlike other regular troops who are called up to the army from their jobs in farms or workshops, the Halberdiers of the First Battalion are a combat group accustomed to the barbarities and hardships of war, making long displacements in record time, being the first who present themselves to combat.
These veterans form battalion as a unique human-being in the front line. Each pair of halberdiers coordinates with their fellow following the strict protocol that only experience in battle is capable of establishing.
Accustomed to the paths and roads, they secure the supply routes of the armies and prepare the ground to present themselves with their halberds in the front line pointing to the noonday sun, wearing his panoply made up of pieces of armour that cover his most exposed areas, leaving the others to care for their skill, to have free movements during the combat. Always patiently waiting for the battle to begin, they form a unit of sixteen halberds led by a nobleman who will be followed into combat, dictated as a command by their iron discipline. Another occasion to demonstrate to the Sun Emperor the importance of his profession.”

Includes 10 bases + 10 figures with separated pieces that need to be glued together. Includes command (officer + musician + standard bearer)

You will receive a random sort of swordsman, spearman and pulearm/halberd arms, but you may choose to receive oly one of those if you wish.
You may choose to swamp the command figures for regular soldiers
You may swamp squared bases for rounded bases


Additional information



Base type

Rounded bases, Squared bases

Unit with command

With command group, Without command group


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